Let's get intimate.

"Cora expands your world view on what's possible." - Seattle 27



Who am I?

The question of a lifetime. 

I'm an entrepreneur, dating-sex-relationship expert, and creator. 

I am living out a lifelong exploration of how much fun I can get away with having, how successful and fulfilled I can expand into being, and how rock-star-chic my lifestyle can be.

I love learning about human potential, quantum physics, magic, love, power, sex, and money.  And I love teaching what I discover. 

I curate unique, high end group learning experiences and online courses that demystify matters of the heart, unlock the secrets of the universe, grow your confidence and magnetism, and teach you to live your best life. 

I love people and the places they take us, literally and figuratively. I have had a talent for connecting with people since my days as the playground liaison. And when I started actively dating at age 14, there was no looking back. 

I'll admit it, I was a bit of a player.

During my formative teen and early adulthood years, I lived in 7 different countries (mostly in Latin America).  Creating social circles from scratch and building relationships in each locale, I learned to effectively communicate across cultures and to be socially, romantically, and relationally versatile and proactive. I rode on the back of many a motorcycle, had many beautiful experiences in romance and dating, as well as a couple of heartbreaks, and ultimately fell in love with falling and being in love.

My educational background is unconventional.  I went to a heavily arts-infused school where I didn't get grades until high school and did things like stone carving, cross-stitching, and a mysterious movement practice called "eurythmy" (don't google it.) I attended Tulane University in New Orleans on a merit scholarship, where I learned the art of merriment and celebration, and graduated magna cum laude with degrees in Spanish and Creative Writing. I am certified in the psychology of happiness with Tal Ben Shahar, positive psych "it boy" and creator of Harvard's most popular course in history. 

I began my work in the dating industry in my 2 years as a top-performing matchmaker for a Stanford StartX company founded by Elle magazine's E Jean Carroll.  This was a wild adventure into the human psyche, and a unique, diversified insight into the modern dating landscape.  

In these 2 years, I created hundreds of date introductions, and conducted thousands of interviews with people of all walks of life all over the country on their innermost desires, doubts, and setbacks in love. I started to identify patterns, deeply understand behaviors, and appreciate the mindsets that set people up to thrive in love.

I realized that instead of just creating introductions, I could create far more positive and lasting impact for people through coaching, teaching, and empowering them with the skills, mindsets, and knowledge-base to confidently meet people on their own, navigate their love lives and to create a lifetime of healthy and thriving relationships. 

Today, my business has grown beyond six figures and, through my programs, online courses, and podcast, I am delighted to have helped  I have helped thousands of people build confidence, find love, experience more happiness, and flirt harder with life. 

I am so grateful for what I get to do in the world. It is meaningful, fun, and sexy as hell.