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the art of creating attraction

Cora Boyd

b e s t  s e l l e r

“I can break my life up into two different inflection points

in terms of how I interact with other people:

the first time I worked with Cora privately and

now in the flirting course.


Each time I’ve grown and developed this

confidence that I’d never had before.


I’ve become more of the person I want to be...

and it’s all thanks to the way that Cora shows up,

the way that she presents material,

and the way that she works with people. 


It’s been really great, and a huge deal for me personally.

I’m looking forward to working with Cora again.”

- Client, San Francisco


praise for the 
Best Selling
Flirting School

"Before, flirting was a haze of confusing behaviors

I couldn't keep up with.

Now I can understand what flirting is (and what it is not),

read situations and respond with much more clarity and fun!


I feel so much more capable of flirting now.

I understand when to push forward a little further

and when to lean back. 


Flirting  and going on dates are both much more

relaxed and enjoyable.”

- Client, New Orleans


I'm intrigued...

Flirting is one of my absolute favorite

relational skills to teach. 


I love teaching flirting because….


  1. It’s fun. 

  2. It’s EFFECTIVE. 


Flirting is a universal code language to create,

express, explore, and gauge attraction. 


It’s a full system dialogue - signaled as much through

body language, vocal tonality, facial expression and timing,

as by verbal language.


It is the social technology that unlocks romantic potential…


…that revs up the engine and invites a dynamic from

platonic friendliness into romantic possibility.


It’s the match that lights the spark of chemistry. 


And the force that breathes life into the growing fire.


So, first, let’s address the fun factor

and why it’s important: 


What makes people want to be around you, date you,

be in a relationship with you?


How they FEEL around you. 


(Namely, how they feel about THEMSELVES around you,

but we get into that inside the program.)


And what is the critical variable that influences how they feel around you, if they enjoy being in your presence, and whether

or not they’re motivated to want to spend time with you more?


Whether or not YOU are having a good time -

i.e., your enjoyment of being in your own presence. 


Flirting is fun. Flirting is a form of play, with a function. 


Think of it like this:

have you ever gone out with someone who was

clearly not having a good time?  Who was jaded about dating?

Who was approaching the interaction more like a transactional job interview and less like a playful, intriguing opportunity

to connect with each other and make memories?




You “just didn’t feel a spark.” “There wasn’t any sexual tension.” 


Here’s the thing: a spark isn’t just something you have

with someone or you don’t. 


A spark is something you create together.


Sexual tension is created through indulgence and savvy.


In Flirt Harder, I teach you how. 

And now, let’s address the EFFICACY factor: 


Once you master flirting, the floodgates of attraction in

your love life fling open. 


I’ve seen it happen with clients time and time again. It’s wonderful.


Knowing how to flirt is the difference between someone seeing you “just as a friend,” and seeing you as a romantic prospect. 


It’s the difference between “never meeting anyone you vibe with,” and the joyful agency and opportunity that comes with knowing how to create a vibe with anyone.


It’s the difference between feeling you and your partner are just roommates, and feeling pulsing electricity between you every day. Innuendo fully intended. 


It’s the difference between throwing figurative spaghetti against the wall in your love life, and intentionally, expertly cooking a gourmet meal. 


Shall I go on?

K, just one more:


It’s the difference between participating in a jaded, stale, discouraged dating culture...and depleting your energy complaining about it with the masses…


…and participating in creating something better - 

 for yourself, your dates, and the culture at large…


…the utter advantage of being refreshing af,

of belonging to a movement to reignite the sparkle

in modern dating, one interaction at a time. 


If I could only teach one skill to spread a fire

of romance across the globe, it would be flirting. 


If I could wave my magic wand and change just one thing

about the modern lovescape, I'd turn the volume tf up

on everyone’s ENJOYMENT. 


We enjoy ourselves when our tactics are effective and render results and flow.


Our tactics are effective when we’re enjoying ourselves. 


And so, with great joy, via Flirt Harder,

I invite into a whole new world of romantic possibility. 


I can’t wait to hear what you create. 


See you in there.





 Part 1:

Find Your Flirting Flavor


Module 1: Attraction Fundamentals and Principles 

Module 2: Flirtation Functionalities and Energetics 

Part 1 lays the energetic and conceptual foundation for flirting 

so that you are crystal clear on what actually creates attraction,

what purpose the social technology of flirting serves, 

how to identify and amplify your personal flirting flavor,

and how to invite sexual tension into a conversation.

  Part 2:  

Setting the Stage

to Go Off-script


Module 3: Flirting Scene Analysis Part 1 

Module 4A: Flirting Scene Analysis Part 2

 Module 4B: Flirting Playbook: 25 Ways to Flirt 

Part 2 is where we get more technical.

In these trainings, through an extensive scene analysis

of flirting scenes in movies and TV, we deepen your understanding

technique, tactics, strategies, and energetics in action.

We cover the basics and advanced elements of building rapport,

deepening connection, and creating conversations that light a spark.


We close Part 2 with a comprehensive "Flirting Playbook"

of actionable phrases, moves, and techniques that are easy

and effective to implement into any social interaction. 

This is where it all starts to click!

Tell me more...


Part 3:

It Takes 2 to Tango


Module 5: Interpret feedback and flirting signals

Module 6: Are you flirting with me? Turning up the heat and progressing the flirtation.

Part 3 is where we start to play with and off of your flirting partner, and how to up the ante. 


We cover how to interpret flirting signals and feedback so that you can discern if your love interest is also into you.


We learn how to build on the other person's flirtation, how to pace and progress the dynamic to heighten attraction and

move the romance forward.


  Part 4: 

Let's Get Physical,

Let's Get Digital


Module 7:  Physical flirting, kinetic rapport,

and kiss escalation

Module 8: Textual connection and the art

of flirting via text

Week 4 is when we turn up the heat and get physical. 

And also where we get digital and talk textual connection!

We cover how to build physical rapport alongside

verbal flirtation, how to convey and read interest

via body language and eye contact, 

and how to flirt via text and across

social media platforms. 


Plus, 1 BONUS Trainings:


How to Use the Emotional Freedom

Technique to Attract Love 

“I LOVED doing Flirt Harder.

I would look forward to each video.


Cora is not only teaching us about flirtation with humans,

it’s flirtation with life, and I feel that so strongly by seeing her living

her best life and encouraging everyone around her to live their best lives.

It’s very empowering.


If Cora can teach me some shit, sign me the FUCK up.

I want what she’s having.”

- Client, Davis


more praise for the 
Best Selling
Flirting School

“I’ve started using these skills in conversations and dates.


I realize that if you use some of the strategies Cora taught us,

people just sort of...light up.


I learned from the flirting scene analysis what kind of flirting I resonate

with the most, and how to integrate more of that into conversations.


I'm looking forward to flirting more! 

I want to keep this momentum going.”

- Client, San Francisco


“I have so much joy and inner peace

after the course.

Flirt Harder helped me believe there is someone out there

for me too.


I'm so glad I took the step and did the course!

It was such a great investment in myself.”

- Client, San Diego



Asked Questions


Who is Flirt Harder

designed for?  


Flirting is a universal language, with the same

foundational meta dynamics and behaviors across cultures,

ages, stages of relationship, sexual orientations,

and gender identities.


And, of course, there are specificities to each unique experience.

We do call it "the art" of creating attraction.

The aim of the program is for each student to articulate and amplify

their own particular “flirting flavor,” and apply it to their own

particular lifestyle and romantic context.


Flirt Harder is designed to be relevant for hetero and queer daters,

for men, women, and gender-queer folx, for people of all cultural backgrounds, for an array of ages and life stages,

for single daters looking for love, and coupled people

wanting to ignite more spark within their existing relationship.


Because of Cora’s particular expertise (hetero dating,

monogamy, life partnership), we’d describe Flirt Harder as

“queer friendly with a hetero lens, created with the single, love aspiring, dater’s experience at the forefront, and equipping all with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to keep attraction alive and thriving forever.”


In plain terms:

this program is valuable and welcoming for all,

consistently addresses the greater context,

speaks to universal dynamics of creating attraction,

and speaks most predominantly to the hetero

single and mingling experience.

How does the program format work?

Flirt Harder is pre-recorded, self-lead, and self-paced. 


Upon purchase, you receive immediate access to all the

video training modules and bonuses, and you get to go through

the program on your own time, as many times as you wish.


What results can I expect from Flirt Harder?

As with any educational endeavor, you are responsible for your own results, and the results you experience will be proportional to your integration and implementation of the concepts and tactics presented in Flirt Harder. 


That being said, Flirt Harder is a bestseller for a reason.


And those who are intentional with implementing what they learn

in the program consistently experience…


…massive improvements in the quality of their love lives…

…greater mental clarity, calm, and subjective enjoyment of

dating and relating…

…increased sense of confidence, social agency, charisma,

and romantic magnetism…

…higher numbers of romantic prospects…

…higher numbers of follow up dates…

…deeper attraction in their romantic relationships…

…and a greater sense of possibility in their lives…


Um, yum, sign us up.


For reference, we recommend checking out some of the testimonials

from Flirt Harder graduates scattered throughout this page :)


I have another question.

Who can I ask?

We've got you.


Please email any additional questions to Team CB at

Let's go



even more praise for 
The Best Selling
Flirting School


“I am awed by how much we learned in this course

and how much more clarity I’ve had in the last few weeks

in flirting situations - 


I'm able to discern what’s going on

and recognize conversation and flirtation

as an ongoing dance of escalation and de-escalation.


Thank you. Very well done.”


- Client, New Orleans


I’m so much less in my head. I used to be,

like what do I say? What do I do?


Now I’m way more in this energy of, let’s see what happens!


I'm already seeing results, and moving forward I’m excited

to put myself out there more and just go for it.


- Client, Seattle


"The 'flirting playbook' was fantastic for making it all click,

and the digital module was also awesome because it gave me some ideas and I feel more prepared to get back on dating apps.


I was able to put what I learned into action,

which resulted in one of the best online interactions I have ever had.


I feel ecstatic!

I can't wait to put myself out there and flirt

whenever I get the chance." 


- Client, Seattle


“I overall feel more confident and connected

after taking this course.


I feel like my eyes have been opened to scenarios and

communications happening around me that I was blind to before.


I'm stealing this directly from one of Cora's podcast episodes,

but I'm also really proud of myself for investing in myself with this.


I've read a number of books and articles, watched lots of videos, but none of that compares to the confidence I've gained after taking this class.”

- Client, Pittsburgh


"Cora has an amazing ability to break things down

in an easy to understand way.


She also is able to figure out exactly what you need to meet your goals,

for me it was learning all the different energies around flirting

and how I already practiced some and didn't even know it.


I would work with Cora again in a heartbeat."

- Seattle, 29


“This course has made me feel more confident

and open to people.

It has helped me understand other people’s feedback and act accordingly.


Before this course,  I was not really comfortable talking to people I 

didn't already know, or expressing my interest in them.

Now I can openly flirt and talk to strangers.


It was so valuable to understand the energy in a conversation and

realize what makes it romantic or platonic.


During the program, I met a guy who I was intimidated by a little.

But I opened up a conversation and flirted with him,

and we ended up going on a date!”


- San Diego, 33


"My understanding of flirting has improved
immensely since taking this course.

Before, I couldn't really understand the difference between
someone flirting and someone being friendly.

This course has brought everything into the conscious mind for me.
Not only do I know how to initiate flirting, I can also tell 
if someone is flirting back.

I am now excited to send people messages and feel confident
in my ability to direct the energy in the right direction."

- Seattle,29



let's flirt


the art of creating attraction

b e s t  s e l l e r

process your payment below for immediate access
to your spicy romantic future. 

  your future self and your future dates thank you!!!  

Upon your purchase of the class, you'll get instant access to Flirter Harder

If you have any problems accessing the class content, 

please email Team CB at, and we will be happy to assist.

By processing your payment below, you acknowledge that the content contained

within this class is the intellectual property of Cora Boyd Enterprises LLC, 

and you agree to honor the privacy and proprietorship of the class by

not sharing the content with anyone who has not purchased the class. 

You acknowledge that all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Enjoy, and congratulations on making this investment in yourself and your love life!

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