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“I can break my life up into two different inflection points

in terms of how I interact with other people:

the first time I worked with Cora privately and

now in the flirting course.


Each time I’ve grown and developed this

confidence that I’d never had before.


I’ve become more of the person I want to be,

and it’s all thanks to the way that Cora shows up,

the way that she presents material,

and the way that she works with people. 


It’s been really great, and a huge deal for me personally.

I’m looking forward to working with Cora again.”

- Client, San Francisco

"Before, flirting was a haze of confusing behaviors

I couldn't keep up with.


Now I can understand what flirting is (and what it is not),

read situations and respond with much more clarity and fun!


I feel so much more capable of flirting now.

I understand when to push a little further and when to step back. 


Flirting  and going on dates are both much more

relaxed and enjoyable.”

- Client, New Orleans

Tell me more...

Welcome to Flirt Harder, where flirting is a lifestyle, 

the air buzzes with electric possibility, and

potential outcomes are limitless.

In this self-paced educational adventure, 

you will learn to master the art of creating attraction. 


 Part 1:   Find Your Flirting Flavor


Module 1: Attraction Fundamentals and Principles 

Module 2: Flirtation Functionalities and Energetics 

Part 1 is all about laying out the energetic foundation so you can understand what flirting actually is, and step into your own "flirting flavor". We'll cover the energetics of attraction, flirtation, and sexuality. We'll tune into the practices of play, presence, and imagination, and we'll explore how to invite sexual tension into social dynamics. 

  Part 2:  Setting the Stage

to Go Off-script


Module 3: Flirting Scene Analysis Part 1 

Module 4A: Flirting Scene Analysis Part 2

 Module 4B: Flirting Playbook: 25 Ways to Flirt 

Week 2 is all about the tools and the strategy that will help you express interest confidently and creatively so that you can get out of your head and fully enjoy yourself in the moment. We'll cover the basic and advanced elements of building rapport / connection and creating conversations that pops. We'll cover a full menu of strategies for introducing flirtation into any situation, and we'll cover flirting scene analyses from your favorite shows and movies so that you'll understand what these strategies look like in action. This is when your understanding of flirting will click!

Part 3: It Takes 2 to Tango


Module 5: Reading feedback: are you flirting

with me? 

Module 6: Reading feedback part 2 

Week 3 is all about playing off of and with your flirting partner, and learning how to move things forward. We'll cover how to read feedback so that you can tell if someone is flirting with you, how to build on signals from the other person (picking up what they're putting down), how to pace flirtation (based on the feedback you perceive), turn up the volume on attraction, "up the ante," and ask someone out. 


  Part 4: Let's Get Physical, Let's Get Digital 


Module 7:  Physical flirting, kinetic rapport,

and kiss escalation

Module 8: Textual connection and the art of flirting via text

Week 4 is when we turn up the heat and get physical.  We'll be covering physical escalation, working with body language, and introducing touch. We'll cover best practices for introducing physicality in both a Covid and non-Covid context. We'll demystify the art of flirting via text, and we'll cover flirting across all digital platforms.


Plus, 3 BONUS Trainings:


Bonus 1: How to Use the Emotional Freedom

Technique to Attract Love 

Bonus 2: Tap into the Charisma Cocktail   

Bonus 3: How to Amplify Enjoyment & Fun in Your Life. 

“I have so much joy and inner peace after the course

which made me feel that there is someone out there for me too. I am so glad I took the step and did the course!


It was such a great investment in myself.”

- Client, San Diego





“I LOVED being in this class. I would love when the videos came out. Cora is not only teaching us about flirtation with humans, it’s flirtation with life, and I feel that so strongly by seeing her living your best life and encouraging everyone around her to live their best lives. It’s very empowering, and that’s what gets people to gravitate towards Cora. She has so much excitement and takes so many risks, and we’re all trying to be around that. If Cora can teach me some shit, sign me the FUCK up. I want what she’s having.”

- Client, Davis

“I’ve started using these skills in conversations and dates. I realize that if you say that simple thing Cora told us, they just sort of ‘light up,’  which is pretty great. I learned from the flirting scene analysis and the flirting parties what kind of flirting I resonate with the most, and how to integrate that more into the conversations that I’m having. I am looking forward to doing this more and being more intentional with the energies I'm creating when I talk to people. I want to keep this momentum going.”

- Client, San Francisco

“It’s really inspiring to watch Cora do all the things that she does. It’s really just staggering. I am awed by how much we learned in this course and how much more clarity I’ve had in the last few weeks in flirting situations, discerning what’s going on and recognizing conversation and flirtation as an ongoing dance of escalation and de-escalation. Thank you. Very well done.”

- Client, New Orleans

“I want to highlight the wins I've had during this program. The australian girl I was playing video games with - that was satisfying seeing things come together. And messaging this girl on Instagram - that was great for silencing the ‘ninja mind.’ Moving forward I’m excited to put myself out there more and just go for it. I’m so much less in my head. I used to be like what do I say? What do I do? And now I’m way more in this energy of, let’s see what happens!”

- Client, Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?  

Flirt Harder is for anyone of any age, gender identity, background, and sexual orientation who wants to get their flirt on with confidence and personality, learn to express interest effectively, and understand how to read flirting feedback from other people. Throughout the program you'll be introduced to different flirting styles and flavors. The energetics of flirting are consistent across hetero and queer dating, and the signature approach varies person to person. You will notice there are certain approaches and flavors that resonate most for you

Is this for me if I'm single and don't feel very confident dating?

Most def. The biggest barrier to you thriving in dating is you not yet knowing how to create attraction, express interest & read feedback. This program will clear those blocks.

Is this for me if I'm single and already actively dating?
Oh yeah. that is prime flirting territory. Sharpen those skills, baby! Watch as the fruits of your learning unfold. 

Is this for me if I'm currently in a relationship?

Yes. One should never ever stop flirting within a relationship. To flirt is to be alive. You will find that most of the examples I give in this program are geared towards single people who are actively dating, and you'll also find that the underlying energetic principles apply just as much within an established relationship. 

How long do I get access to the content?  
When you invest in this program, you'll get lifetime access to all 9 hours of flirting trainings, workbooks, plus 5 additional hours of bonus materials - that's currently 14 hours total of content to immerse yourself in and shift your reality.

You will also receive access to any bonus materials that are added in the future. 







“This course has made me feel more confident and open to people. It has helped me understand other people’s feedback and act accordingly. Before this course,  I was not really comfortable talking to people and expressing my interest in them. Now I can openly flirt and talk to strangers. It was so valuable to understand the energy in a conversation and realize if it’s romantic or platonic. During the program, I met a guy who I was intimidated by a little. But I opened up a conversation and flirted with him, and we ended up going on a date!”

- Client, San Diego

“I overall feel more confident and connected after taking this course. I feel like my eyes have been opened to scenarios and communications happening around me that I was blind to before. I'm stealing this directly from one of Cora's podcast episodes, but I'm also really proud of myself for investing in myself with this. I've read a number of books and articles, watched lots of videos, but none of that compares to the confidence I've gained after taking this class.”

- Client, Anonymous

"Cora has an amazing ability to break things down in an easy to understand way. She also is able to figure out exactly what you need to meet your goals, for me it was learning all the different energies around flirting and how I already practiced some and didn't even know it. I would work with Cora again in a heartbeat."

- Client, Seattle

"My understanding of flirting has improved immensely since taking this course. Before, I couldn't really understand the difference between someone flirting and someone being friendly. This course has brought everything into the conscious mind for me, not only do I know things I can do to initiate flirting but I can also read the feedback from the person... I am now excited to send people messages and feel confident in my ability to direct the energy in the right direction... The 'flirting playbook' was fantastic for making it all click, and the digital module was also awesome because it gave me some ideas and I feel more prepared to get back on dating apps...through that exercise I was able to see the spacious comments in action which resulted in one of the best online interactions I have ever had. I feel ecstatic! I can't wait to put myself out there and flirt whenever I get the chance." 

- Client, Seattle

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