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Undefined dating, poetically refined. 

Your guide to navigating

casual romance, circular dating,

and exploratory dalliance


with meaning, integrity,

style & satisfaction. 

A 3-hourlong pre-recorded class

(lifetime access included with purchase).

It's strange how casual, exploratory dating so often get labeled “meaningless.”


At worst, these experiences  can be painful, confusing, & unsatisfactory.


But at best, with mutual clarity, this lighter, spacious mode of connecting

is a masterclass in satisfaction.


Dating and relationships are a playground for personal growth. This can be especially true when it comes to light-touch romantic encounters. 


A serious partnership prioritizes the synergistic growth of 3 entities: you, me, us. 


The choose-your-own adventure of playing the field prioritizes YOU. Your intimacy with yourself. Your intimacy with your life.


You’re the star. 


Spotlit & complimented by a rotating cast of supporting characters who

enhance your multidimensionality. 


Who are you on the back of this Italian carpenter’s moped? 


Reflected in the surprised eyes of this gorgeous drawling Georgian gentleman

at the precise moment his neighbor interrupts the two of you making out

behind the banana plants?


The fun is there, the empowerment, & the meaning -

should you choose to author it yourself.


The field we play is an expanse of limitless potential, with sufficient space for connections to reveal their natural form. It’s literal & figurative travel, in which people take you places.

A buffet of flavors through which you refine & indulge your palate. 




This is an era to be celebrated & savored. 


And if this is your current location, I salute you. 


And I’d like to invite you to my upcoming class Intimacy Light - your guide to navigating casual romance & exploratory dalliance with meaning, integrity, satisfaction,

& signature style. 


There is so much value available to you in surfing the surface. And should you desire to juice the utmost zest, personal growth, & stories for your future memoir while you’re at it…


...consider the 3 hours of juicy content within Intimacy Light to be your surf instruction.


This class contains the guide rails, tools, best practices & perspectives that will help you keep your balance so you can enjoy the ride, & prepare for deeper waters. 

There are certainly many disempowered, fear-based reasons why you (or someone else) might be avoiding deeper romantic intimacy.


And, there are just as many possible personal & empowered reasons that have little (or nothing) to do with anyone else.


What's important in casual dating is that everyone is aligned.


This can be helpful to keep in perspective in how we ourselves clearly navigate

casual connection...


& also in misaligned instances when we find ourselves taking too personally

someone else's level of interest (or lack thereof) in deep, committed connection with us.

Here are just a few possible, empowered reasons why you

might want to "keep it casual" in dating right now.

1. You're prioritizing exploration. 

You're in an era of independence, self-discovery & collecting stories for your future memoir. You want to keep your romantic, sexual options open & experiment

with different levels & flavors of connection.


2. You're not currently emotionally available for a deep, committed relationship.

Maybe you're fresh out of a serious relationship & just beginning

to dip your toes in the dating waters again.


Maybe you're currently directing your emotional output towards your own inner work.


Maybe you simply don't have the emotional bandwidth at the moment. Who knows.

3. You're enjoying perusing your options, & you're in no rush. 

You don't currently know anyone with whom you'd want to commit to a serious relationship.


You're open to making a deeper connection, but it's not your primary focus.


And in the meantime, you're having fun dating around.

4. Your current life circumstances are not conducive for a serious relationship.

Maybe you're about to move, you're doing a remote-work travel year,

or you're in a particularly engaging / demanding moment of your career. Whatever it is, your current lifestyle is not set up to invest in or prioritize one romantic partner.

5. You're in a "training phase," preparing & practicing for a serious relationship. 

You know you ultimately want that end-game kind of love.


And, you also know that you could benefit from some practice, skill-building,

knowledge acquisition, & experience in preparation to meet your person.

Whichever of these reasons resonates with you, casual dating can be incredibly worthwhile, confidence-boosting, satisfying, personal, & fun...


...just because you're relating on a lighter, more spacious & less invested level,

does not mean you need to compromise the quality of the connection,

the caliber of your communication or the mutual integrity of treatment.



There's an art & a strategy to keeping the circle rotating in such a way

that everyone feels clear, cared for, desired, & respected.



There's no reason you should not be having a blast.

In order to have the most pleasurable time playing the field, 

there are 8 skills that you get to become really really good at:


1. Getting super honest with yourself & owning your desires. 

The more clarity you have with YOU, the better you're able to convey what you want

to others, & ascertain when it's not a match. 



2. Communicating your intentions & aligning on the context with others.

If you want to have a good time & want everyone you date to have

a good time...this is a MUST.


3. Talking about sex, baby. 

Precautions, STD testing, other gotta address it.

4. Logistically managing your time, energetic bandwidth & roster of lovers.

You are your own project manager. And when it comes to dating around,

there are real-world, lifestyle logistics to consider. 


5. Setting warm, breezy boundaries. 

Remember: boundaries are always in service of the connection.


6. Expressing affection freely & genuinely. 

Just because it's "casual," does not mean it's impersonal. 

There's no need to be withholding or transactional. 

When the context is established, you can freely enjoy the connection for what it is.

7. Integrating & learning from your experiences. 

Your experiences are meaningful because YOU give them meaning. 


8. Knowing when to let go & how to exit gracefully. 


Go out on a high note & cherish the memories! 




These are the exact topics & "how tos"

we cover in Intimacy Light. 


Ready to rumble? 


Let's go. 


Submit your payment below & enjoy lifetime access to this 3-hourlong training.

Your future self thanks you :)

Upon your purchase of the class, you will receive an email within 10 minutes with a link to access the class content. If you have any problems accessing the class content, please email Team CB

at, and we will be happy to assist.

By processing your payment below, you acknowledge that the content contained

within this class is the intellectual property of Cora Boyd Enterprises LLC, 

and you agree to honor the privacy and proprietorship of the class

by not sharing the content with anyone who has not purchased the class. 

You acknowledge that all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Enjoy, and congratulations on making this investment in yourself

and the quality of your love life!

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