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Are You a "Social Performer"?


And this does not inherently make us insincere.

Performance can be a form of expression. Performance can be fun. Performance can be energizing. Performance can be connective.

When you're telling a story and you punctuate the comedic timing of your punchline - that's performance. When you're flirting and getting all coy with your big doe eyes and say that one thing that you know goes over well on dates (we've all done it) - that's performance.

When you're with your partner at a party and you do that bit about the age old English muffins vs crumpets debate - that's performance.

When you get dressed up to the nines and leave your sunglasses on in Trader Joe's so everyone will know you're THAT FABULOUS - that's performance.

When you post a curated mirror selfie on Instagram - that's performance.

Performance is an essential way that we express ourselves, connect through entertainment, meet our emotional needs to shine and be seen, and continuously court one another.

We all perform for each other on a regular basis. It's really very cute of us.

Sometimes we can sniff out a social performance as fake or manipulative, because an insincere performance is fake and can be manipulative.

But that's on the actor, not the art form.

Performance that is aligned with your humor, thoughts, and truth, is just an authentic form of expression.

Let's release the shame and fear around social performance. It's just one way in which we express ourselves, relate to each other, and play. It’s much more relaxing this way.

And let's be real - any notion that someone "never performs," is just an insincere performance.

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