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How does being an introvert/extrovert impact your love life?

I've been in a deep & delicious hibernation. As y'all know, I love to romp around, & in order to have the energy to do that, I need a shit ton of time to myself by myself. ⁣

There's a common misconception around intro/extroversion - that being an introvert means you're shy, socially inept, & a bit of a misanthrope, while being an extrovert means you're a total ham who loves the sound of your own booming voice. ⁣

In reality, where you fall on this intro/extro continuum is not based on your social skills, it’s based on how you recharge. An introvert is energized by time alone, while an extrovert is energized by social interaction. ⁣

Many of us are energized, to some extent, by both. For the ambiverts among us (wattup fellow ENFPs 😁), understanding our energy patterns so that we can leverage full presence and efficacy can be a challenging dance that varies day to day. ⁣

The structure of your day is a factor. The nature of your work is a factor. Your living environment is a factor.The cadence of your social calendar is a factor.⁣

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your love & social life that you understand your own energy patterns. ⁣

You know what it's like when you're operating on 30% & you go on a date & you're having trouble being present & you'd wayyyyyy rather be at home watching Call The Midwife. Or when you're operating on 10% & you mutate into a grumpy little baby when your partner is just asking you where the salt is (hanger, anyone?). ⁣

You also know what it's like when you're at 100% charge & you're on fucking fire & everything you say is HILARIOUS & everything you touch turns to gold & you're literally just the most charming person ever. 🔥🔥🔥 Right?!? ⁣

Your romantic magnetism & ability to connect is in direct correlation with how much your prioritize recharging & meeting your own needs. ⁣

Know thyself, is what I'm saying, my dudes. Fill thy cup. And let it runneth over. 🍺 Or something like that. ⁣

What are your energy patterns & how do you recharge?

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