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The importance of getting weird in weird times


My sweet stud muffins. In the face of this global uncertainty, I want to remind you of how capable you are. How resourceful. How adaptable. How creative. ⁣

As either my dad or a fortune cookie once said: necessity is the mother of invention. You've had major personal curveballs in your life before - death, heartbreak, career changes, birth, falling in love, new discoveries. You’ve ROLLED with curveballs before. You've made the most of it. You've THRIVED!! You've come out the other side of the growing pains better, faster, stronger. ⁣

As either my dad or a fortune cookie once said: change is the only constant. Life, relationships, needs, desires, circumstances, all of it is in a constant state of change, ebb, flow, evolvement. Sometimes change is sudden. Sometimes it's gradual. Sometimes it's so subtle you barely notice it. Sometimes it builds and builds and builds and then bites you in the ass when you're least expecting it. ⁣

What's happening now is unprecedented. We have not encountered this exact set of circumstances before, either as individuals or as a collective. We don't have a roadmap for how to navigate it. ⁣

But you, my friend, are no stranger to change. You are no stranger to curveballs. You are no stranger to adapting, to pivoting, to finding creative solutions, to rising to the occasion, to moving through adversity. You are as capable as a stage mom with a spool of floss & a can of hairspray 5 minutes before the curtain opens. The show must go on! ⁣

And there was never an exact roadmap for life that would predictably get you from point a to point b with no hiccups, bumps, or hairpin turns. It has always been about your choice & your expression, & your ability to put seemingly disparate ideas together in novel ways. Your ability to create meaning. You have forged your path until now, & you will continue to do so. ⁣

And so, when shit gets weird, get weird with it. Ride the wave. Connect with & support others. Allow yourself to be supported. You are one scrappy motherfucker & im so excited to see what you create from this. 💗💗💗

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