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The Spark:
what keeps the flame alive

At first, the attraction blazes hotter

than a jalepeño.

So why it is that for some, as the novelty

simmers down, the heat simmers down too

and the chemistry neutralizes?

But for others, the flame not only stays lit,

it erupts into an ever-expanding bonfire?

In The Spark, a 2-hourlong on demand class, we stoke the proverbial embers and demystify

the secrets to the long game of

incendiary chemistry within partnership.

And so!


To start, a little poem for you:


Like any other living organism, relationships 

surf seasons, cyclical cadence, ebbs & flows & thunderstorms, 

like any other organism, they require premium nourishment to thrive.


And with attraction, like any other work of art, the space between,

what’s implied, & what is said,  the build up, to the base drop,

anticipation oxygenates the the smoke show. 


Like any other captivation, there’s mastery in the rhythm.


Too much air, there is no dance, 

not enough, and the light goes out.

why this class exists

So much of romantic lore is focused on the process of courtship, the excitement of the early days - 

the initial attraction, the deepening connection, all of the luster of the "firsts." 

But as the context shifts and the relationship establishes, and love unfolds,

the point of focus redirects from simply igniting the fire, 

to stoking, sustaining, and growing the flame of attraction that is already there.

Without our awareness and active participation, 

the fire may dwindle and go out.

The "how" of stewarding attraction in the long term,

through life's ups, downs, twists and turns, 

is the conversation we have within The Spark. 

what we cover in the class

- the 10 variables that optimize sustained, and deepened attraction in the long term


- how to prioritize romantic attraction alongside the natural ebbs and flows of distance

and closeness, alignment and dissonance within longterm, monogamous partnership


-  how to nurture desire during times of high stress 

- how to translate attraction and affection into your partner's

love languages

- how to make your partner feel sexy 

- how to put the "quality" in quality time 

- how to refine and balance the dance between stability, consistency,

novelty, and excitement within your relationship

what you walk away with 

 - improved awareness around what generates attraction

within your relationship

- refined tools for how to enhance moments of high attraction in

daily life together

- multi level combination skills to effectively and playfully express

attraction towards your partner

- the confidence and savvy to create deeper relationship satisfaction in both the short term and the long term 

what you receive with your purchase

Lifetime access to the full 2-hour class

to watch on demand and rewatch as desired.

Access to any future updates.

Let's spark up! 

Your current and future partners thank you.

Upon your purchase of the class, you will receive an email within 10 minutes with a link to access the class content. If you have any problems accessing the class content, please email Team CB

at, and we will be happy to assist.

By processing your payment below, you acknowledge that the content contained

within this class is the intellectual property of Cora Boyd Enterprises LLC, 

and you agree to honor the privacy and proprietorship of the class

by not sharing the content with anyone who has not purchased the class. 

You acknowledge that all sales are final and there are no refunds.

Enjoy, and congratulations on making this investment in yourself

and the quality of your love life!

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