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Offer #1

Save 50% on Flirt Harder

to redeem, use code BFFLIRTHARDER at checkout


Flirt Harder: 

The Art of Creating Attraction

Dive into our best selling flirting school and develop a deep, demystified understanding of the mechanics of attraction and how to gage, express, and dial up romantic interest in real time.


Through 8 comprehensive modules, movie scene analyses and a "flirting playbook," master the skills to shift any dynamic from friendly to flirty, amplify intrigue, and engage your chosen partners and prospects in the exciting meta dance of coquetry.

Your purchase grants you lifetime access to the course, and access to any future updates.

Check out the full curriculum, client success stories, and details below. 

Use code BFFLIRTHARDER at checkout to save 50%. 

Offer #2

Save 50% on your first month of membership inside of Magnetics Love School

(this offer includes access to Flirt Harder)


to redeem, use code BFMLS at checkout

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Magnetics Love School: 
The High-Level Membership
for Social and Romantic Fulfillment

Get the all access pass to our classes and courses, and join a growing, diverse community of peers in an on-going journey to refined relational skills, greater self confidence, and deeper romantic and social fulfillment.

As a member of Magnetics Love School, you receive: 

- the all access pass to our entire content library of classes and courses

(including Flirt Harder, the original Magnetics Love School 12 module love life accelerator, and over 55 hours of on-demand trainings, valued at $7,500 if purchased separately)

- access to all live classes during your active membership 

(new classes drop every 4 to 8 weeks)

- access to 2x monthly 90 minute live coaching calls with Cora and your Magnetics Love School peers for direct feedback, customized strategy, and in-real-time relationship building.

(live coaching calls are held every other Sunday 11am-12:30pm pst)

- a private hourlong welcome coaching call with Cora

(valued at $555 if purchased separately)

Black Friday Sale: save 50% on your first month as a member of Magnetics Love School. Use code BFMLS at checkout to redeem. 

(this offer includes access to Flirt Harder)

Enroll, and check out full details and client success stories below. 

*there is a minimum upfront commitment of 3 months inside Magnetics Love School, after which your membership is month to month and can be cancelled at any time with 30 days of written notice to

Got questions?
We've got answers.

DM @thecoraboyd on Instagram or email and we'll clarify any remaining questions so that you can make your best decision.

Enjoy :)

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