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the global mastermind for
social, romantic, & creative fulfillment

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Cultivate charisma. 
Amplify attraction. 
Deepen connection.
Unleash your creative expression.
And flirt harder with life. 

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how it works

As a member of Magnetics Love School, you belong to a growing, supportive, diverse, international community of lifelong learners who are committed to creating a deeply fulfilling, limitlessly expansive quality of connection, romance, personal expression, and life satisfaction.

By joining this mastermind, you receive...


✨ access to our 2 monthly mastermind calls every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 11am - 12:30pm PST. In the monthly mastermind calls you receive customized coaching from Cora.

✨ access to Cora's entire body of work - this includes all pre-recorded classes and programs,

and a seat at the table for all current and upcoming classes and programs

(currently valued at over $5,000 if purchased separately)

✨ access to the private members' portal to stay connected with Cora and your fellow

Magnetics Love School members. The member's portal is also where our library of content lives -

you're encouraged to lead yourself through the classes and programs

at your own pace, on your own time

Magnetics Love School is an on-going learning and coaching experience aimed towards providing the longterm support for members to cultivate an ever-deepening mastery in social, relational, romantic, and creative fulfillment.

By joining the mastermind, you commit to a 90 day minimum, after which you are welcome

to exit whenever you'd like...or stay in the mastermind as long as you'd like!

what we stand for

We, Magnetics Love School, stand for

doing our part to contribute to a social climate that values and nourishes:

✨ personal power and self-leadership

✨unbridled and authentic creative expression

✨healthy and meaningful social

and romantic connection 

✨sex positivity and sensual embodiment

✨compassion, respect, and

understanding for all backgrounds, cultures,

and orientations

✨happiness, fulfillment, and life satisfaction

why we exist

If you've been in our orbit for a while, you know that Magnetics Love School began

in early 2020 as a 90 day comprehensive love life accelerator. 

And after leading 3 cohorts of men and 2 cohorts of women through the Magnetics Love School 90 day program, we've reimagined and upgraded the Magnetics magic

into an ongoing mastermind format. 

Here's why:

1 - Community is key.

Learning in a group setting exponentiates our progress, gives us the opportunity

to establish lasting friendships, and is a hell of a lot of fun.

This is a space of belonging for you.


The ongoing mastermind format is hugely conducive to forming  and continuing to nurture meaningful connections within the Magnetics Love School network...

as we collectively learn about forming meaningful connections.


It's perfectly meta, and we love it.

2 - An ongoing context optimizes for the best, most long-lasting results.

Research shows that the most effective, enduring way for humans to learn

new behaviors is via exposure to behavioral modeling...over time. 

It's far more likely for new awareness, behaviors, and skills to stick when we continue to exist

in environments that model and normalize these ways of being, seeing, and doing.

Research also shows that in order for true subconscious shifts to occur,

we need repetition repetition repetition... as well as support in integrating and implementing new information into our daily experiences. Time, consistency, and integration are our friends.

Long story short: the option to participate in the mastermind for as long as you like will help you cultivate skills, knowledge, and embodied integration on a whole deeper and more

lasting level than a one and done program.

3 - We're all about a lifetime of evolution, growth, and refinement.

Relationships are ever-evolving living organisms. Our depth of understanding around how best to relate is continuously deepening - both collectively and individually.

And within Magnetics Love School, we continue to refine our curriculum.

The ongoing mastermind format allows us to keep our fingers on the pulse of a living, breathing conversation and skillset that is more of a journey than a final, static destination.

We want to support you in all phases of your social, romantic, and creative life:

from the early days of courtship, to committed partnership dynamics, from creating

a new social network when you move to a new town, to embodying fresh layers

of your personal expression and magnetism in your artistic outlets. 

Magnetics Love School is here for you in the full scope of identity and experience. Let's ride.

what's in our content library 

As a member of Magnetics Love School, you get access to the entire existing & growing Magnetics Love School content library.


We've designed the structure so that you can self-direct your ongoing learning experience by going through the content library in the sequence and timing of your choice. And for any questions and coaching needs that come up along the way, you have the monthly mastermind calls.

Here's what's currently in the content library:

Magnetics Love School

(the signature, comprehensive love life accelerator,

recorded Fall 2022, all 12 trainings exclusively available

inside the Magnetics Love School Mastermind) 

Flirt Harder

(the best-selling flirting school)

Turned On

(the program for optimal performance

and creative process)

Loving Men

(the program for women for deeper intimacy,

more connection, and hotter sex with men)

The Approach

(the class for men to master high-value, 

effective, and breezy way to approach women

and ask them out)

The Spark: what keeps the flame alive

(the class for coupled humans who are

in the long game of incendiary chemistry 

within established partnership)

Intimacy Light

(the guide to casual, circular dating 

with integrity, style, meaning, and satisfaction)


(how to meet & make aligned friends as an adult)


Signature Style

(hone your unique aesthetic;

harness the coded, visual language of fashion to

embody & express your desired identity) 

How to Become a Dating Coach 

(the blueprint for starting your own dating 

coaching practice)


Here's what's coming up soon (subject to change):

Erotic Intelligence

(the embodied love language of lust)


(authentic professional networking, unlocked)

The Creative Enterpriser Collection

(a collection of avant garde business

trainings for creatives and entrepreneurs)

Cunning Linguistics

(the art of going down, for men)

Turned On 2.0

(the inner game of high performance

and creative process)

The Manual

(a girl's guide to getting guys)


how you can join us

It's really quite simple. 

1. Review the terms and conditions.

2. Submit your first monthly payment

by clicking the "join Magnetics Love School"

button below. 

3. Follow the instructions to join the member's portal, included in the confirmation email you'll receive after you've submitted your first payment.

got questions?

We've got answers.

For further clarification on whether you and Magnetics Love School are a match,

feel free to DM Cora on Instagram at @thecoraboyd, 

or email Team CB at


See you in school :)

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