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Become fluent in the masculine love language -

what turns him on, makes him feel loved & appreciated, 

& inspires him to cherish, adore & please you

in all the right ways.

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A 3 part, ready-to-watch tactical training for modern women to experience deeper connection, & stronger attraction with men.

So I was at a rooftop party the other week - the moon was hanging low & heavy over the pines, there was a cute lil folksy duo playing a cute lil acoustic set, 

a bonfire raged, and all the guests (except for me) had come wearing 

their favorite hats - as instructed. 


Romantique! Prime Seattle Summertime Magic.


I'd forgotten to bring a hat. So I was wearing a spare fly fishing cap 

the host had on hand, chatting and getting to know a group of awesome ladies.


At some point the conversation turned to me and what I do professionally. 


Queue: a conversational trajectory and spilling of piping hot tea that has become a normal occurrence for me in the last 7 years working with people 

in the love & relationship space.


In my line of work, I’m accustomed to candid & uncensored 

reactions & confessions. Everyone has an opinion about dating. 



And I’m all ears - I appreciate it - it’s part of how I stay tuned into the pulse, 

it’s essential market research for me to create classes and offers that 

truly serve, make an impact and solve a problem.


These rooftop ladies began to regale me with tales, experiences and grievances: the horrors of shirtless mirror selfies on Hinge, tepid text exchanges that trail off into the abyss, complacent partners who don’t put in effort anymore.


Details and thirst traps aside - what I heard from these rooftop ladies, and what I hear from women I speak to inside & outside of my business - 

touched on recurring, shared experiences:


So many women are disappointed by men; 

Unimpressed by immaturity & low effort behaviors;

Worried that all the good guys are taken & disheartened at the possibility of truly feeling MATCHED in their desire for depth, attraction and continuing growth 

within a committed partnership. 


I hear that.


As women, we want to be ROMANCED! 


Treasured, understood, prioritized, primally DESIRED from a clear, 

respectful place of safe, protective certainty. 


We want to be decisively CHOSEN. Wowed. Turned all the way on.

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We want a guy with a strong backbone, embodied directiveness, 

self-awareness, passion, & tender sentience to boot.


A guy who makes reservations, pulls our hair (in a good way) 

AND holds the door for us!!!


I mean…is it too much to ask for??


No, my beautiful friends. 


I’m here to tell you it is not too much. 


What you want, I fully believe you get to have.


AND - you must be a match in your behaviors and energy 

in order to unlock this connection. 


AND, there are certain ways that he needs to be acknowledged in order for him to be genuinely inspired to activate these sides of himself with you.

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This is where The Manual comes in - 


your tactical guide to functional, fulfilling, high-attraction relationships with men.


As my #1 intellectual crush Esther Perrell says: 

it takes 2 people to make a pattern, but only 1 person to break it.


The Manual is your invitation to disrupt patterns of disappointment and dissatisfaction, to shift gears into an upward spiral of profound, regenerative 

mutual satisfaction and delight. 


Now, this is not the part where I tell you to “stop being so sensitive,” or

 “stop being a cold shrew,"shape shift your personality, abandon your needs 

to meet his and just give him 5 blowjobs a day. 


It’s not the part where I encourage you to manipulate him, 

wrap him around your finger and ply him to your will.


Nor is this the part where I tell you that men are trash, that the hetero romantic forecast is bleak and hopeless and that you’d be better off dating women 

or swearing off love altogether and focusing on your cats. 


None of these options will actually create the truthful, breath-taking, 

googly-eyed love you want.


Cats are awesome. 

You do get to have what you want from your relationship and love life. 

And your romantic forecast is sparkly, rich, and sexy - if you want it to be.

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This is where I invite you to transcend the dysfunctional adversarial dynamic altogether, compassionately clear up what you’ve been projecting onto men from a wounded place, raise your awareness and energetic point of attraction


and empower yourself with a full palette of effective, easy-to-implement verbiage, communication strategies, & reinforcement that actually resonates with his masculine sensibility. 


Because communication is only as good as comprehension,

 and receptiveness is required to close the loop.


Because you get to win, and so does he. And because when you both win together, that creates a beautiful ripple effect in the world.


This is where I encourage you to approach your connections with men 

as the cross-cultural relationships they are.


Because taking the time to really understand what matters to each other 

and makes each other click is the foundation of relationships 

that work and light us all the way up, turn us all the way on.


And THAT’S a pattern 2 can tango with!

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we will learn…

how men's social conditioning impacts their behaviors, 

and the ways in which they express (or don't express) love and affection;


why intimate relationships between men and women often get stuck in the sexual connection <> emotional connection impasse purgatory wherein 

we are both fighting to get our needs met;

why men will sometimes shut down, withdraw, disengage, and tap out 

just as we feel we are getting somewhere 

(in an argument, in our level of intimacy, etc);


what he really wants (and needs) in a romantic relationship; 

what turns him on, and off (it's not Cosmopolitan told you); 


what the differences between toxic masculinity and healthy masculinity are, 

and how to discern green flags from red flags; 


what he needs in order to sincerely want to emotionally open up, 

and be romantic and affectionate with you; 


what inspires him to grow with you, move forward with you and commit to you; 


how to effectively communicate your needs and desires to him 

so that he understands you and takes action on your requests


how to decipher his non-verbal communication and identify his love languages; 


how to turn up attraction and infuse sexiness into your interactions; 


how to sustain a functional, mutually uplifting,

easeful daily dynamic  and lifestyle with each other over the longterm.

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3 recorded modules (2 hours each) +

an accompanying e-book visual guide,


which includes a thorough breakdown of each module, the 10 “co-MAN-ments” for connecting with men (hehe), & a cheat sheet of aphrodisiac words & phrases to include in your communication with men. 


Your purchase includes lifetime access to the content for you to revisit at your leisure & pleasure. 


This is for single, dating & married women who are attracted to men & wishing to raise the caliber of their romantic experience and / or evoke a fresh energy in an existing relationship.

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