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A 3 hour on-demand class on authentic social networking

and nurturing friendships you love. 

You will learn: 

the 3 part lifestyle system for growing a social network; 

how to nurture close relationships, and loose connections without overextending your social bandwidth; 

where and how to meet and make new friends as an adult;

the "social solar system" approach to surfing the ups and downs of friendship over time; 

how to intentionally establish friendships, while not coming off as too pushy or needy; 

how to build on your existing connections to meet new friends who align with your values, interests, and lifestyle. 

This class is perfect for you if: 

you've recently moved to a new city and you're establishing a new social life; 

you want to feel more connected, and socially satisfied; 

you're currently in a different life stage with your existing social circle, and you want to branch out and make new synergistic friends; 

you're eager to prioritize the quality of your social life this year. 

*lifetime access of the recorded replay included with purchase*

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