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the approach

The fun, effective, and high-value way

to approach her and ask her out.

For a fresh, favorable impression

that leaves her wanting more.

a self-lead 21 day

skill & action challenge

with Cora Boyd 

video introduction

Chivalry's not dead. 
It's just evolving. 

In gaming, you won’t level up just by staring at the screen. 


Your love life? Exactly the same. 


Once you’ve nailed “the approach,” you unlock the ability to turn casual encounters into memorable first dates. 


You’re prepared to connect with the amazing, standout women you already cross paths with daily.


It all starts with just one solid move. 


No more being the guy on the sidelines fumbling golden opportunities. 


Step up and shoot your shot. 


Every door of romantic possibility is yours to swing open from here. 

Alright, Loverboy, want to know the nitty-gritty of how we'll

transform you from shy-guy to sly-guy in just 3 weeks?


Here's how the magic unfolds:

3 Weeks of Flirtation Immersion:

This isn't just a course; it's a 21-day mission to supercharge your approach game, amplify that rapport mojo, and turn up the dial on your flirtation.

You'll lead yourself through 7 podcast modules over the course of 3 weeks.


We're not just talking. We're doing.


Each week includes an "action challenge" to hold you accountable

to trackable progress as you break free of social inhibitions and

strengthen your approaching, rapport-building skills in real time. 

🎧 Audio Wisdom Drops:

Get ready for some juicy podcast episodes breaking down the full sequence of meeting women, opening conversations, building flirtatious rapport, and asking her out. Think of them as your bi-weekly boosters, serving up wisdom, humor, and actionable insights.

🚀 Outcome, You Ask?:

By the time our 21-day rendezvous wraps up, you'll be a newer, more socially effective version of yourself with a lot more real life experience.


You'll possess the confidence to slide into any conversation, the ability to build deep rapport without breaking a sweat, and the flair to add that playful touch of flirtation, making every interaction pop.


In short - you'll be the guy everyone wants to chat up at the party.

Open up to connect, and life opens in response. 

Improving your ability to make new connections is way more than just a pick up game. It's one of the best investments you can make to improve your love life

and your social efficacy. 

Mega Confidence Boost:

Nail this, and watch your confidence radiate, not just in love, but at that next work presentation or friend-of-a-friend's party.

Level-Up Your Social Mojo:

Dive deep into the art of conversation, attune to nonverbal moves, and make that chit-chat sizzle. It's not just about the ladies; it’s about the presence you carry into every room you enter.

Expand Your Dating Pool:

More swagger in your approach means more opportunities.

Coffee shops, parties, or online—your playground just got bigger.

Get Closer to 'The One':

Relationship bound? This skill is your ticket in. Building that initial connection is the starting line of your romantic marathon.

Glow-up Self-Worth:

There's nothing like the boost of a successful approach to make you feel like the catch you truly are.

Ready to dive in, roll up those sleeves, and sprinkle some charm dust everywhere?

Open like a boss. 
Close like a gentleman.


client success story

"If you're trying to step up your dating game, you've got to check out Cora's stuff.

I hadn't dated in a while, and I was gonna just wing it on my own, but man, it's a trip how much you second-guess every little move when things don't pan out.


Having some guidance and direction helped me feel like I finally had a good grip on what I was doing instead of just tossing darts in the dark.

Cora's got this knack for breaking things down – it's like she translates 'woman speak' for us. Getting that inside scoop on how ladies feel when a guy comes up to them is a game changer.

'The Approach' gave me some real 'aha' moments. I've got a better read now on how I come off and the vibes I send. It's made me braver, and since I've been doing "the approach," my confidence has surged and the caliber of women I've been connecting with has been a total level-up from before.


I'm still dating this amazing girl I ran into on a hike. Things are really great with us, and it feels like there is serious potential."

- Portland, 34 -

Learn it once. Benefit for life.

here's our agenda:

a 3 week, immersive audio experience;

you receive: 

7 exclusive podcast modules (lifetime access).

3 weekly action assignments.

our curriculum: 


Podcast Module #1: 

overcoming approach anxiety and the fear of rejection

(week 1 action challenge assigned) 

Heart racing at the thought of approaching someone you're drawn to? Worries of stumbling on words, or fear of a cold shoulder?


You're not alone. But letting these fears drive can stall your romantic progress.

Step into this module designed for go getters like you who can conquer boardrooms but falter with a flirty glance. We'll delve into the psychology behind approach anxiety, equipping you with tactics to confidently handle and even enjoy the unpredictability of social exchanges. And we'll learn to sidestep potential pitfalls and smoothly handle varied responses. 


Take the reins, move with confidence. Every epic tale starts with a bold move.

Let's craft your compelling beginning.


Podcast Module #2:

from cringe to connection: what differentiates creepy from confident

Let's be real: no one aspires to be "that creepy guy."

So, what's the difference between an approach that makes everyone involved uncomfortable,

and an authentic, captivating, and successful one?


In this episode, we pull back the curtain on the female experience. Dive into her mindset to truly understand what she feels and what she thinks when approached. It's this understanding that bridges the gap between just trying and genuinely connecting.

Ever left an interaction wondering why it felt so off? We'll pinpoint the keys to establishing trust and safety, and distinguish between moves that attract versus ones that repel.

With this knowledge, position yourself as the standout, high-value man who forms meaningful bonds. Making a connection should feel rewarding for both you and her.

Podcast Module #3: 

breaking the ice and opening conversation

(week 2 action challenge assigned) 

(this podcast module includes a "cheat sheet" of conversation openers)

Lost in a sea of 'uhms' and 'ahs' when you're trying to read her? Tune into her subtle cues, both spoken and silent, to decipher sincere intrigue from polite nodding. We'll sharpen your instincts so you can measure her interest on the fly, knowing exactly when to ramp up

the flirtation or step back and make a tactful exit.

Podcast Module 4: 

building flirtatious rapport, and gauging her interest


In this module, you'll learn to project confidence not just in your words, but with your posture, voice, and choice of words. Learn to utilize Cora's signature 3-part Connective Convo Code framework and grasp the ebb and flow of engaging chit-chat—from breaking the ice to deepening emotional connection and dialing up lively banter.

This isn't a playbook of worn-out lines; it's your guide to spontaneous, enticing conversations that leave her eager for the next chapter of getting to know you. 


Podcast Module #5: 

set and setting: optimal environments to encounter and engage with women

The scene does set the stage. And different environmental and social factors call for tweaks to your approach. This podcast module focuses on the top locales to find and approach women, and how to master the moment by spontaneously tailoring your approach based on your surroundings.  


You'll be the right guy in the right place.


From ambiance to opener, let’s strategically set you up for romantic success.

Private Podcast #6:

the ask: inviting her on a date and essential follow-up etiquette

(week 3 action challenge assigned) 

It's not just about opening the figurative door, but knowing how to progress from

an initial meeting to a first date.

Let's release the jitters before the "big ask." 

This module breaks down the art of inviting her on a date with grace and assurance, while also minimizing pressure and allowing space for her to give you a candid response. 


But remember: the game doesn’t end with the 'yes'. We'll cover the fundamental post-invite etiquette, ensuring your follow-ups keep the momentum going and the anticipation alive for your date. 



Private Podcast #7: 

evergreen approach: making momentum your mantra

Let's talk longevity. Keep the motivation and progress you've built in the last 3 weeks going, and integrate it into your way of life. Beyond the initial thrill, we'll talk about embedding that enthusiasm, that zest, into your everyday. Learn strategies to maintain momentum, ensuring each approach isn't just an isolated event, but a stepping stone to continuous improvement.


Turn one-time successes into habitual wins, and let the skill of meeting and approaching women become as natural as your morning routine. 


Your future self and future lovers thank you.


client testimonial

"Cora doesn't just deliver well organized teaching, insightful content, and actionable coaching, she does it in such a wonderfully encouraging way. She's rooting for you. She authentically wants you to succeed in your goals as much as you do. She's sincere. She's fun. She's emboldening. She's a gift."

- Nashville, 52 -


client success story

"After doing The Approach, I started seeing chances everywhere to just jump into chats. Making that first move became easier

and way less nerve-wracking.

Before, if I spotted a girl I was into, I'd usually just freeze. Most times, I'd do nothing, then kick myself after. It was frustrating and felt like I was stuck in this cycle of missing shot after shot.

Honestly, I'm over dating apps. Meeting women face-to-face just feels more real, and I've got a solid game plan for it now.


Plus, the reactions I get when I approach in person are so satisfying. I didn't realize how many guys are fumbling the ball on this. It definitely sets the right mood for when we actually hang out."

- San Diego, 27 -

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