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you're cordially invited to:


The high-value way to approach her and ask her out.


a 2 part pre-recorded training

the high value way to approach and ask her out

for a a fresh, favorable impression

that leaves her wanting more

your enrollment includes

lifetime access to the recordings of both training 1 and training 2 

Access to a 3rd live conversation / Q&A from 3:30-5:30pm PST on Wednesday January 25th


Access to any future updates, modules, and Q&A calls

what we learn together 

- high value behaviors and energetics 

- what makes a move "creepy" and low value vs. attractive and high value 

- the mistakes most men make in approaching women, and what to do instead to be refreshing and successful 

- how to understand her perspective, accurately read her feedback, and provide an interaction that feels good for both of you 

- how to reframe the fear of rejection into clear confidence, and how to mitigate for the possibility of an unfavorable outcome

- how to start a conversation with her, and progress / escalate the dynamic 

- how to establish trust, safety, and connection

- how to gracefully close the conversation

and ask her out 

- the variables to consider based on context, circumstance, and setting, and how to tailor the approach accordingly

- the mindset shifts that relieve stress and pressure and make approaching women fun, easy, and effective for all involved

Once you've processed your payment below, you'll receive a

confirmation email with the 2 recorded classes.

For any technical or logistical inquiries, please reach out to

All payments are final and there are no refunds.

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