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This is the story of how I became a dating coach,

& how you can become one too. 


This is the blueprint of the mindsets, strategies, philosophies & lessons learned 

that I leveraged to scale my coaching practice from a zero dollar pipe dream to 

a multiple six figure empire that serves thousands of people worldwide 

& supports me in the freedom-based, creatively-expressed lifestyle I have always desired, 

in which my time is spent doing whatever tf I want, 

working on projects I care about and enjoy, learning and growing as a person, 

collaborating with other creators, healers, & practitioners,

 & uplifting dope humans...


...and I built it all entirely in my own unique way, as my fully expressed self,

with plenty of twists, turns, trial, error, and flow...


...and I built it all beginning at age 25, 

with no formal business training or previous experience, 

and no investor capital. 

This is the training wherein I open the backstage door.


In this 2 hour video training, I walk you through the behind-the-scenes 

of my journey to becoming a dating coach: 

the fun, the strange, the challenging, and the supersonic.


From the ideation, the identity shifts, 

the redirecting of doubters,

the establishment & development of my expertise, 

and the clients who grew with me along the way... the living, healthy practice I have today that nourishes my spirit (& bank account), 

& creates spectacular results & positive impact in the lives of my beloved clients.


In this training I explain...


how I built on my formal educational & personal life experience to create a brand,


what my strategies were for launching, niching, & positioning my business in the market and becoming one of the go-to dating-relationship experts in the country,


how I leveraged my strengths & talents to grow an audience & connected community, 


how I used social media and playful guerrilla marketing to publicize my services, 


how I formed mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies, brands, 

and creators to expand my reach & attract clients,


& how I stayed focus, motivated, accelerated & positive 

throughout the ups & downs of the process.


I hope you will enjoy spending 2 hours with me 

deep-diving into this conversation! 


& that the information, ideas, & philosophies I share with you in this training 

will inspire the propagation of love around the world, 

the blossoming of a service-based practice that nourishes your spirit,

& the renaissance of romance to modern dating culture!!


We are in this mission together, my little cupids. 


Carry on & be free, 











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