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Are Your Dating Habits Delaying True Love? Find Out How

If you want a partner but are getting caught up in situationships that make you feel like shit about yourself, it’s time for a change.

This pep talk is for you.

Continuing to give your attention to situationships that are unsatisfying and make you feel shitty about yourself is not just wasting your time.

It’s stalling the timeline of meeting your true partner.

Think about it: this is pushing your timeline out because it is taking a toll on your self-esteem and your self trust.

It’s eroding your romantic hope, confidence, and your vision of love.

The longer you subject yourself to situationships that hurt your spirit and grate at your self-esteem and your standards, the farther you move from who you need to be in order to be a match for a partner with healthy self-esteem who respects you and finds your standards sexy.

Date people, for sure, on the path to meeting your partner.

But disengage from those who make you question your worthiness.

Instead, redirect your energy towards dating experiences that grow your confidence and support you in refining your relational skills.

Protect your self-esteem, and respect your own energy (even if the other person doesn’t).

Don’t waste your time seeking approval from sources that don’t reciprocate.

You’re barking up the wrong trees.

At its best, dating is a playground for pleasure, connection, confidence, and personal growth. Play accordingly.



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