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3 tips for flirting via text

1. Use text to create anticipation. While it’s certainly possible to have #realtalk via text, it’s important to remember how much can get lost in translation or misinterpreted over text. Everyone has different digital communication styles, so as you’re getting to know someone new, I’d strongly recommend reserving text for flirty banter, sending pictures and links from your day to let them know they’re on your mind, coordinating logistics, and building anticipation for the next time you’ll see each other. When you approach texting as a way to create anticipation, you’ll get to enjoy the face to face getting to know each other that much more.

2 - Utilize voice memos. I'm a huge fan of voice memos. In fact, voice and intonation are some of the primary traits we become attracted to in someone. There are a few benefits of mixing in some flirty voice memos: 1) it's not commonplace to send voice memos, so you'll create a fun surprise for your crush, and your offbeat choice will communicate confidence. 2) Your tone of voice will mitigate the possibility of your crush misinterpreting your message. The voice memo is a great choice when you’re going to say something bold. 3) It feels intimate - almost like a private podcast just for them. 4) It's sexy to hear someone's voice, and you better believe they’ll play your message back multiple times! The extra cherry on top here is using their name in your voice memo.

3 - Less is more. If you overwater a plant, it will die. In this case, your texts are the water, and the plant is your love interest. Allow some space in the correspondence, release the need to be in constant communication, and let the conversation conclude when it concludes. To be continued. Allowing space communicates confidence, allows your crush to continue to opt into the relationship, and creates an air of mystery and anticipation. When your crush receives a text from you, you want it to feel like a sexy treat, not another obligation on them to do

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