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Can You Micro-dose Energy?


Who builds you up? Who supports your growth?⁣

Who inspires you?⁣

Who challenges you? Who expands your world? ⁣

Who do you absolutely love being around? ⁣

When it comes to who we choose to have in our lives, it doesn't need to be more complicated than this. ⁣

Life is short y'all, and we only have so much energetic capacity for who we allow into our inner circle. ⁣

You are allowed to make decisions about which relationships you build and invest your heart in based on what feels good to you. ⁣

You do not have to justify why you're not feeling it with someone if you're simply not feeling it. You do not need to force yourself into feeling anything you don't feel. ⁣

You are not obligated. You do not owe a micro-dose of YOUR energy to anyone who drains you. ⁣

You do not need to rationalize yourself into relationships. ⁣

You are allowed to be feeling it with someone for a while and then not feel it anymore. You are allowed to feel it again! ⁣

Your relationships are allowed to ebb and flow as you grow and as circumstances shift. Sometimes your path may run parallel with someone for a month, a year, sometimes a lifetime. Sometimes your paths may diverge (in a yellow wood). And sometimes your paths may come back together again. ⁣

You are allowed to mourn diverging paths. ⁣

You are allowed to feel exactly what you feel. ⁣

⁣You are always always allowed to choose who you spend time with based on what feels good, safe, and supportive to you in any given moment. And don't you forget it! ⁣

So, who do you want to spend time with? In whose presence do you feel safe to be yourself?⁣

Whose energy do you want to micro-dose?⁣

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