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Dating: Like a Train to the Swiss Alps

Ok so you are a the conductor of a train and you are heading towards the Swiss Alps.🚞

You've got snacks on deck and a cooler of champagne 🍾 . Everyone on board is in a costume. There's a DJ in the first compartment, a tarot reader in the second, a massage parlor in the third, and a rousing intellectual discussion popping off in the fourth.

This is how you want to be in dating.

When you cross paths (tracks!) with another train you find compelling, you invite the conductor to hop aboard your train for a while. If things feel good and you're into what's happening on their train too, maybe your tracks can run parallel, you can hang out on each other's trains, and you can choose the next destination together.

You would genuinely love it if they hopped on board, and you are encouraging in your invitation.

You know your train's got it going on.

If this other conductor is anything less than enthusiastic about your invitation, you may feel disappointed, you may wonder why.

But you do not screech to a halt. You do not try to convince them. You do not wait at the station indefinitely for them to figure out that your train is, indeed, extremely lit.

As much as you would like them to climb aboard, you know you'll continue to have a great time whether or not they do. You know that there are plenty of other people who will be honored by your invitation and would love to join you.

Your train is moving forward and it waits for no one who can't see its value.

The tunes are still bumping and you are ASSUREDLY still going to the Swiss Alps.

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