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How to Give Fewer F#cks


And they don’t have to.

You cannot hemorrhage all your energy away in the wild goose chase of trying to manage people's perceptions of you. This is a fool's errand. This is not your life's work.

The very wise friend said to me recently that we're not actually afraid of what other people think of us, we are afraid that they will confirm beliefs we have about ourselves.

On the deepest level, we don't care what other people think of us. We care what we think of ourselves, and "people pleasing" is the process of looking to other people to tell us what to think of ourselves.

It's none of your business what other people think of you.

We do our best to be respectful, clear, kind and understanding. And we get to release the idea that being in impeccable standing with everyone is the ultimate metric of "social success."

Sometimes things get messy. Sometimes feathers get ruffled. Sometimes we genuinely act a fool. But we do not need to take on the responsibility of going over to someone else's side of the street to process their emotions and chew their proverbial food for them.

💕How have you been contorting, shapeshifting at your own expense, and giving your energy away as a martyr to the cause of people pleasing?

💕What if someone not liking you is actually an indicator to celebrate that you're no longer abandoning yourself?

💕What would it be like if you unhooked our worthiness from others' perceptions? From your perception of their perceptions?

💕How LIBERATING would it feel to do your damn thing and give fewer fucks ?? What would YOU think of yourself then?

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Nina the
Nina the
12 sept. 2021

Niice blog thanks for posting

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