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Our metric of "relationship success"

By Cora Boyd

The metric for success with my clients is not relationship status - altho it’s wonderful to see them happily in love & I often snoop on their Instagrams and chuckle with satisfaction.


See that’s one of the biggest problems - how we pedestalize relationship status like a checkbox to be ticked, a badge of honor, a seal of social proof signaling legitimacy & worthiness.

But your current relationship status is not what determines your legitimacy or worthiness.

Inherent within the concept of “status,” is the dynamic subject to change.

To pedestalize status is to give our power away to a fluctuating variable.

I want you to know your worthiness is a constant. Independent of your current status.

I want my clients, all of you, anyone touched by my work, to feel just as confident outside of the context of a romantic relationship as they do within it.

The one informs the other, after all.

It’s your knowingness that you have options, your confidence in your ability to create romantic opportunities, your willingness to walk away…that empowers you to hold your romantic standards & create real, fulfilling intimacy.

Sometimes it takes just as much courage to walk away as it does to approach.

I heard from a client recently, one of my Magnetics grads, who just ended a relationship because of recurring problematic behaviors from his (now former) partner.

When he first met his (now former) girlfriend, he said that he would not have even had the confidence to talk to her if it weren’t for the work he’s done on himself in our coaching.

To walk away was a huge testament to the confidence & self love he’s developed.

I was just as proud of him that he stayed true to himself & his romantic standards, that he opened up that space in his life for someone better suited, as I was when he created the relationship in the first place.

So yeah, I want you all to create & enjoy the most fulfilling romantic relationships of your lives…but I want you to know your worth within & without of the context & label of your current relationship status.

That’s our metric of success.

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