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What makes you sexy?

You are sexy because you decide to be.

It’s a choice in how you carry yourself, and a decision to own the identity.

Sexiness has far less to do with looks than we think.

Have you ever met someone you found extremely visually attractive, but as you got to know them as a person your attraction to them deflated comically like a balloon?

Yeah me too.

And have you ever met someone who didn’t initially catch your eye, and as you got to know them as a person you were CONFOUNDED at how you didn’t initially perceive their outlandish sexiness?

Have you ever met someone who you found extremely visually attractive and as you got to know them as a person more and more your socks were knocked off at the ridiculous levels of sex appeal??

Me too!!

Sexy is a mood, and a state of being. It’s available to everyone.

Someone is sexy when they are in possession of their sexuality.

They claim it. They enjoy it. They express it. They radiate it.

They DECIDE to be it. And we can’t help but to agree with their decision.

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