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Why do you attract f%ckboys?

Somewhere in Madrid there is a man who hates me. Somewhere in the ether, all the smoke signals, mixed messages, & lukewarm semi responses I have sent are still circulating, waiting to be deciphered. 🌎📉📈🌪⁣

I know what it's like to take the low road in dating. I know what it's like to be weird and evasive and shitty and cowardly. And if you are a human reading this, I'm going to bet you do too.⁣

It took realizing I myself was being a ⚡️fuckboy⚡️to understand why, in a certain era of my life, I kept attracting fuckboys. ⁣

Here's the thing: in the grande tapestry of your romantic history, there is only one common denominator. And it's you. ⁣

You choose where, and to whom, you give your precious attention. You choose how you show up, & the standards you set, & the dynamics you participate in. You choose what kind of treatment you accept.⁣

If you continually choose to give your attention to people who do not respect you & who cannot see your value, you are not respecting yourself or seeing your own value. And you may not be fully respecting the other person or seeing their value either. ⁣

Neither of you are holding yourself to a higher standard or inviting the other person to rise to a higher standard. ⁣

What are your main complaints around dating? How are you participating in these patterns? How can you clean up your own act starting today?⁣

No one's being proactive? Get proactive. No one's interesting? Get interested. Be interesting. Everyone ghosts? Communicate. ⁣

Yes, this will scare some people off. Let it scare them off. These people are not your people. ⁣

This will also turn some people on. Sweet glory, let it turn them on. 💦⁣

Let 2020 be the year you choose to take no shit and give no shit. ⁣

Because no one else is going to do it for you. ⁣

Have you been a ⚡️fuck*person*⚡️before? Have you ghosted? Been irresponsible with someone's feelings? Done something shitty you regret? Own that shit so you can let it go.🙌🙌🙌

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