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90 Minute Private Love & Life Coaching Session

Customized coaching, feedback, and strategy
tailored to your personal desires,
circumstances, and lifestyle.

These 90 Minute Private Coaching Sessions can be utilized for
love life consultation and/or life coaching. 

If you wish, the option to receive a recording
of your session is included in the service. 

The sessions are designed to clarify a multi-pronged strategy, 
accelerate your progress with a specified action plan, 
and reprogram your mindset and energy to position you for
optimal enrichment in the area you choose to 
play with during your session.

Private sessions are one-off sessions, 
and can be booked on an as-desired basis, availability permitting. 

Examples of topics workshopped in sessions
could include (and by no means limited to)...

text and communication analysis and strategy,
conflict resolution, strategic leveraging your lifestyle to meet more romantic prospects, strategy and comprehension to deepen and heat up the intimacy in your relationship,

processing for clarity around a breakup... purpose and direction, 
unpacking and redefining what it means to be a man,
better understanding of and increased connection with women,
better understanding of and increased connection with men, 
sensual embodiment and amplified attractiveness,

After your session, you will move forward with...

A clear understanding of the obstacles and mindsets that have
been holding you back, and a clear plan of action for overcoming them;

New tools, verbiage, knowledge, concepts and frameworks
to improve your subjective experience and your objective results; 

A comprehensive list of resources to support you moving forward.

In terms of preparation for your session, you ask?

Just come with an idea of what you'd like to focus on in
your session, and Cora will take it from there.

You'll have a recording to listen to later, and we also advise 
having a notebook and pen handy for any specific notes. 

Your session with take place on Zoom audio so that you can relax, 
focus on one sense, and go deeper. Cora typically likes to say hi on camera
for a few moments before going off camera and diving into the session.

Enjoy your jam sesh with Cora!


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