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the love life accelerator
for brainy, creative men

now enrolling


the what

Magnetics Love School is a boutique educational experience,
a training ground for fulfilling, sexy, and lasting romantic partnership; 

The reality is, most of us learn how to "do" relationships in a primarily haphazard, unconscious way, based on a hodgepodge of things we've seen in movies, what's been modeled and normalized by the people around us, and snippets of advice from uncles, friends of friends, and random dudes at dive bars (who likely have totally different values and desires from us). 

But what if we took the time and energy, as an adult, to consciously learn
how to create deeper, satisfying connection based on what we're actually into?

Magnetics Love School is your opportunity to do just that. 

It's a one-of-a-kind immersive opportunity to consciously cultivate the knowledge-base,
skills, confidence, strategy, and emotional, sentient intelligence
that accelerate social fluency, 
strengthen charismatic magnetism,
amplify attraction, deepen connection, 
and turn up the heat on intimacy. 

The curriculum is comprehensive, and covers the full scope and sequence
of dating and relationships: 

approaching women, social networking, meeting romantic prospects, flirting,
creating and expressing attraction, best practices for high quality online dating, 
the art of conversation, 
best practices for dazzling initial dates,
progressing the relationship and deepening the connection,
navigating the conversations of defining and establishing the relationship,
effective, high integrity communication, 
conflict resolution, 
intimacy, erotic intelligence, and keeping the flame alive. 

This program is designed to equip and empower you with an elevated romantic mastery
that will serve you and the lovers of your choice for the rest of your life. 

Your investment into the program is an investment into yourself
and the quality of your relationships moving forward. 

And the number one predictor of happiness is the quality of our relationships. 


the who

The October 2022 round of Magnetics Love School is designed for straight guys

- single, actively dating, and/or in the early days of a new relationship -

who are in a stable place in life and career, and are eager and ready

to turn their attention and energy towards improving the quality of their love lives

and becoming the best partners they can be. 

This is for cis-hetero men who want to finesse their romantic savvy and efficacy

in the realm of a committed, monogamous partnership with a woman;

men who want to enjoy the dating process en route to meet their partner.

This is for men of all backgrounds, ages, cultures, locations, preferences,

and professions who resonate with the above, and who resonate with

Cora's relationship teachings and philosophies. 

The aim of the program is to encourage you to be more fully expressed and in ownership of yourself And to create authentic connections with women from that place.

Not to mold you into a uniform shape of "who you should be" to be more attractive.

It's you. Feeling yourself. Making moves. Volume turned up.

Because you love who you are and you know what you're doing.

The foundational context of Magnetics Love School is mutual respect.

And just as much appreciation for how we're different as how we're the same

(just like in romantic relationships!) -

this is a program that welcomes all men who identify with this description,

 and it is a space that celebrates diversity of all kinds. 


the how

Magnetics Love School is a 6 week immersive experience. 

You join a cohort of other men who are equally eager to up-level their love lives - this is your peer group for all of the live classes, and you'll stay in touch between classes

in the private member's portal.

Each week you'll 2 new trainings will be uploaded to the private member's portal, you'll go through the trainings on your own time, and the team will meet up for a weekly live class to integrate the material through fun, interactive exercises, immersions with guest experts, and direct hot seat coaching from Cora. 

Your enrollment includes: 

Lifetime access to 12 training modules. 

Access to all 8 Flirt Harder trainings.

Live access to 6 2.5-hourlong classes,

featuring interactive exercises, guest experts,

and direct hot seat coaching from Cora. 

Lifetime access to the recordings of all the live classes. 

Lifetime access to a private member's portal for feedback

camaraderie, and revelry between live classes. 

The live classes will be held on: 

Sunday Oct 23, 10am-12:30pm PST

Thursday Nov 3, 5-7:30pm PST

Sunday Nov 13, 10am-12:30pm PST

Sunday Nov 20, 10am-12:30pm PST

Sunday Nov 27, 10am-12:30pm PST

Sunday Dec 4, 10am-12:30pm PST

The tuition is: 

$2,997 paid in full 


6 weekly payments of $555

Spaces in the cohort are limited. 

To inquire about a place in the cohort, 

please either email Team CB at

or DM Cora directly on Instagram @thecoraboyd. 


the results and transformation

So, what can you expect to experience as a result

of going through Magnetics Love School?

The ball is in your court. You'll receive from this program proportionally to

the energy, time, attention, and action you invest in it

(just like in a romantic relationship!). 


Those who lean into the content, implement what they learn, and make it their own, experience night-and-day positive results. 


Graduates report feeling significantly more confident in dating and relationships

 after going through Magnetics Love School.  

Graduates report a marked improvement in their enjoyment of their love life

after going through Magnetics Love School. 

Graduates report feeling more prepared, fulfilled and relaxed in love and dating

after going through Magnetics Love School. 

Graduate report getting into / create the most meaningful romantic partnerships

of their lives thus far after going through Magnetics love School.

Your journey is your own. 

The content in Magnetics Love School is here for you to leverage and utilize in order to create a love life of your own design that fulfills your

specific wants, needs, and preferences. 

For reference as to what is possible for you on the other side

of Magnetics Love School, check out some of the success stories below :) 

Any additional questions can be directed to or @thecoraboyd on Instagram.

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everybody's talking about it

your future self

and future lovers thank you

congratulations on making this investment in yourself and the quality of your love life! 


see you on the other side :)

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