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Confidently Approach Women: Real-Life Banter & Dating Strategies for the Modern Man


Have you ever heard that fable / joke about how that guy is like “God, please please please let me win the lottery,” and God is like “my guy, please please please buy a lottery ticket”? This is how I see so many people (who truly want a partner) approaching dating. They really want to meet someone!!! But they forget that in order to meet people…you actually have to meet people. You can want love, but not really be available for it. Just like you can very much want to win the lottery, and never actually buy a ticket. Every relationship begins with an initial interaction. Every romance progresses through risk, and uncertainty. It’s part of the thrill! At some point, someone’s got to be willing to start the conversation, to flirt, to propose a date, to express attraction, to say “I love you” - without fully knowing how the other person will reciprocate. It cannot happen any other way. If you want to fall in love, there is actually a lot you can do to prepare for, and plentyyyy of invitation for your participation. Are you doing your part? And when you open up to meeting people in real life (beyond dating apps) - you exponentially expand your prospects and your dating pool. Because gents - what happens when the stars align and the most ideal-for-you woman is serendipitously in the same place at the same time as you - What do you do? What do you say? What’s your move? Do you tell yourself you’re too rusty, too tired, that you’re having a bad hair day, that you’d probably be bothering her anyway, and just let the opportunity slip by, go back to grumpily swiping Tinder on the couch growing more and more dejected about your romantic future? Or…do you know what you're doing because you've prepared for this? Do you take a deep breath and a confident step forward with her? The beautiful thing is that when you really get the sequence of approaching and opening connection with women - when you get how to respond to her feedback, and progress into romantic territory - you leave these kinds of missed chances in the dust (because you won’t just be taking chances, you’ll also be creating them); genuine, intriguing connection replaces stressful, unsatisfactory exchanges - your conversations ignite interest and building rapport flows like second nature; rejection loses its scary sting, and becomes another stepping stone to success - you can navigate and identify a “no” just as smoothly as a “yes”; dating becomes enriching and energizing, instead of lackluster and discouraging - you actually look forward to your next “hello” and your next date your arsenal is primed not just for meeting someone, but for attracting those who match your energy, zest, and outlook you don’t get hung up on what doesn’t work out - you’ve got an unlimited queue of love interests, and you know it (and damn that energy is sexy) If living this confident, proactive reality is attractive to you, and you’re ready to actually buy the lottery ticket, I invite you to enroll in The Approach - the self-paced audio class is now available to you on demand. In 7 pre-recorded podcast modules together, we cover the full sequence of initiating a first encounter and turning it into a first date - Check out the full curriculum. The skills you learn inside of The Approach have the power to unlock an unlimited flow of romantic leads - you get to be the chooser from here.

See you inside The Approach.



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