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Let's talk about sex.

We're all sexual creatures to different degrees. And, my friends, it's truly not that big a deal. ⁣

We cannot talk about intimate romantic relationships without talking about sex. ♡⁣

There's so much secrecy around sexuality, & as the unparalleled Brene Brown says, secrecy breeds shame. American culture has created a consuming hornet nest around sex that in equal parts sensationalizes/commodifies it & feeds shameful narratives around it. ⁣

As you might imagine given the nature of my work, I'm phased by very few things & I intentionally create an environment where my clients feel comfortable sharing anything with me. ⁣

An enormous contingent of the romantic and relational issues I help people work through boil down to one root issue: a lack of connection to their sensual self, and a lack of possession of their sexuality. ☆⁣

If you cannot connect to the sensual, romantic, creative side of yourself, OF COURSE it feels challenging to connect with another person in this way.⁣

For the love of god y'all, sex is so good for you. ♡ It's aerobic.♡ It's expressive.♡ It's connective.♡ It's therapeutic.♡ It releases stress.♡ It's intimate.♡ It's fun as hell.⁣

Shall I go on?⁣

Can we please embrace the truth that sexuality is a normal, healthy, & delightful part of the human experience? That it is highly preferential, variant, and personal? ⁣


This is the place from which we can open up constructive conversations. About consent. About navigating attraction in the work place. About how to be mindful of not abusing power dynamics. About how to set boundaries & respect other people's boundaries. About how to ask for what you want. About how to ask other people what they want. About how to relax enough to let sex be an embodied conversation rather than two people simultaneously repeating monologues they heard someone else recite. About how to actually have better sex.⁣

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