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Why tension is hot

In most areas of life, we want to diffuse any possible tension. ⁣

In a professional meeting, we look to find common ground before things get heated. At a family dinner, we steer the conversation away from the burrito incident of 2009 before steam starts coming out of dad’s ears. In friendships, we may respectfully agree to disagree. ⁣

But flirting is a dance of creating, holding, and leaning into tension.⁣

We call it sexual TENSION for a reason, after all. ⁣

Whether through surprisingly honest directness, a good-natured disagreement or breaking of rapport, humor, unexpected expressions of interest, or any variety of #boldmove, flirting is a form of playfulness. And playfulness is characterized by alchemizing & wielding tension. ⁣

Socially, we make decisions based on how we feel, & we find rationale to back it up. We decide to see someone again because we like how we felt with them, & because we feel intrigued. ⁣

It is this tension and excitement that creates intrigue & distinguishes a date full of 🦋 butterflies 🦋 & OMG ME TOO, from just two people eating Shepard’s pie at the same table. ⁣

In dating, tension is your wingman. Befriend it. Lean into it. Enjoy it. Create it. Play with it. Keep ‘em on the edge of their seat, & allow it all to be just a little bit uncomfortable. This, my dudes, is where the magic happens. ✨💫⭐️🐝💕🦋💗

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