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"Cora is the Bill Nye of love."
- client, Seattle, age 30

Flirt harder.

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Cora Boyd is a Love Life Expert, Content Creator, and the Founder of Cora Boyd Enterprises, a boutique Love Life Consultancy and Creative Lifestyle Brand


The Seattle-based company serves a global community through dating and relationship coaching, motivational content on creative fulfillment and life satisfaction, and immersive educational experiences around flirting, communication, charisma, social magnetism, and optimal interpersonal relating.

Cora is the host of the podcast Pillow Talk Radio, she has contributed thought pieces to Tinder’s Swipe Life, The Gottman Institute, and Thought Catalog, UrbanDaddy, and VegNews. For her expertise, she has been featured by NPR, Yahoo Finance, Bumble, Elite Daily, Bustle, The Daily Beast, Fox News, and TV New Zealand.


She is the recurring Dating Expert for the  CUT Channel, and her videos on YouTube have been viewed over 30 million times.

A former top-performing matchmaker for a Stanford StartX company founded by Elle Magazine's E Jean Carroll, Cora established her Love Life Consultancy in 2019 and has since guided hundreds of clients into the most fulfilling, incendiary, and romantic relationships of their lives. 

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and educational background...

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Cora grew up in Bethesda, Maryland, ten minutes outside of Washington DC, where she attended a Waldorf school - a small arts-infused school with European origins that employs a holistic pedagogy designed in tandem with the developmental stages of learning.

Beginning at age 15 and spanning her formative teen and early adult years, Cora lived in 7 different countries including Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Northern Ireland. 

Before beginning her career in the love space, Cora graduated magna cum laude from Tulane University in New Orleans with degrees in Creative Writing and Spanish, and completed a yearlong certification in the Psychology of Happiness with Tal Ben Shahar, creator of Harvard's most popular course in history. 

Cora has a passion for DIY fashion, calligraphy, crocheting, well-curated Spotify playlists, reading celebrity memoirs and jumping on her mini trampoline.


Cora lives with her boyfriends Benjamin between their "Fairy House" in Seattle and their "Mountain Castle" in Bellingham, Washington, where they delight in polar plunging in alpine lakes, tending to their abundant vegetable garden, and making out by the fireplace.

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"Working with Cora is the best investment I've made in myself to date, and I would hands-down do it again.


I now know what I want, and I have the confidence and know-how to go after it."

- San Diego, 32

Turn yourself on.

"Cora is truly a love genius.

She has the uncanny ability to transform your perspective entirely on love and relationships, while simultaneously connecting you to yourself more deeply than ever before.


I am not exaggerating when I say Cora has changed my life, and I credit her largely for the wonderful and loving relationship

I’m in now.


I’m happier and feel more loved and fulfilled than I ever have been in my life, and I know Cora’s wisdom and support has played a big role in making that

possible for me."

- New York City, 29

Ignite your spark.

"If thunderbolts and rainbows had a love child it would be Cora. She is Lisa Frank with an edge.


In order for people to read people very well, they have to care for people well. In Magnetics Love School, Cora gave us the gift of being able to see love in its full spectrum of possibilities.


Sometimes life can feel like you’re standing on the outside looking in. Cora invited us all into the party. I finally feel like I deserve all the love in the world."

- Los Angeles, 30

Find your flirting flavor.

"Cora is great at getting to the heart of core issues. She's very discerning and will be direct with you.


I 100% would not have met my current partner without her...or it would have taken me another 5 years to deal with my shit.

Cora is the best." 

- San Francisco, 33

Deepen your magnetism.

“I can break my life up into two different inflection points in terms of how I interact with other people. They were the first time I worked with Cora privately and now in the Flirt Harder.


Each time I’ve grown and developed this confidence that I’d never had before. I’ve become more of the person I want to be, and it’s all thanks to the way that Cora shows up, the way that she presents material, and the way that she works with people. 


It’s been really great, and a huge deal for me personally. I’m excited to work with

Cora again.”

- San Francisco, 31

Own your charisma.

"Before working with Cora, I was timid about dating again. It had been a long time and I had gotten out of a bad relationship.


Everything we covered in Magnetics Love School tracked what I was going through as I started to date again.


I wanted dating to be fun, to identify patterns in myself I wanted to break or reinforce. The kind of support and consistency I received from Cora was very empowering. I learned how to own what I want and go  out there and make it happen!


Everything that I set out to do at the beginning of the program, I was able to do.


It's been the best outcome it could possibly be.  It’s been night and day for me."

- Portland, 28

Set your spirit free.

“I overall feel more confident and connected after taking Flirt Harder. I feel like my eyes have been opened to scenarios and communications happening around me that I was blind to before. 


Before, flirting was a haze of confusing behaviors I couldn't keep up with. It was difficult to tell what was romantic and what was platonic. Now I can understand what flirting is (and what it is not), read situations and respond with much more clarity and fun!I 


 I've read a number of books and articles, watched lots of videos, but none of that compares to the confidence I've gained after taking this course.”

- New Orleans, 33

"Having the tools from Magnetics Love School added to my arsenal was a game-changer.


It feels so good to know I was able to see the work bear fruit so quickly, both in terms of my own internal narratives and being able to start my new relationship.


The week we started learning about flirting was the week I met my (now) girlfriend - I was able to put the techniques into practice right away.


This was a life-changing experience for me." 

- New York City, 35

"Cora brings an amazing curiosity to

the world.


She takes these incredibly complex topics and drills them into metaphors that are actually digestible.


I get it all now and I’m so grateful."

- Seattle, 32


Your future self thanks you.

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